Money often a source of stress in Millennials’ relationships

Money is more likely to be a source of stress in Millennials’ relationships than in the relationship of older couples, according to a study by Motivaction commissioned by ABN Amro among 1,000 people. Almost 20 percent of Dutch between the ages of 18 and 45 cited money as a source of relationship stress, ANP reports.

A quarter of Millennials reported having problems with their partner about money in the past year. The partner’s expenses in particular are a source of annoyance, followed by daily shopping and expenses for the home and garden.

Older couples argue about money much less, with 8 percent calling it a stressor in the relationship. According to the researchers, this is because Millennials have relatively more major expenses, such as buying a home, having a child, or other major life events.

Some 25 percent of all respondents who are in a relationship said that they were involved with their partner’s finances. Among Millennials, this percentage is almost twice as high as among older couples.

The reason for involvement in their partner’s finances is mainly because they consider this part of having a joint household. 20 percent of Millennials also said it is because their partner makes irresponsible or nonsensical expenses. Men are much more likely to be concerned about their partner’s spending habits than women.